Butler County Jamboree 2022 Update

The Butler County Jamboree was held on July 21. We had a great turnout, gave away a lot of prizes, had some good food and raised $5,060.00!!!! First and foremost I would like to thank Matt and Elizabeth Cappella for doing an amazing job. Elizabeth did a lot of shopping and organizing and without her this never would have happened. We would like to thank everyone who donated money or a gift or food or their time to make this a success. Here is a list of everyone who donated we appreciate you so much.
Atlantic Foods
Ramsey Food Service
Matt and Elizabeth Cappella
Downs Concessions
Bo and Jennifer Ramsey
Door Prizes
Bobby and Jenny Endsley
Randy and Linda Kissel
Vicki Clements
Jen Kee
Matt and Elizabeth Cappella
Bobby and Jenny Endsley
Katie Cappella
Shawn and Candy Bashore
Dan and Carol Bullen
Chuck Downey
Tony Guy and Amber Albanese
David and Donna Drake
Randy and Linda Kissel
Trent and Annie Bair
Russell and Shauna Clements
Jeannie Kissel
Bud Downs
Nick and Megan Kissel
Courtney Clements
Our bartender for the night was Alexis Daily, and she also won the 50/50 raffle for $550.00.
Thank you again to everyone who donated and helped out.
Jennifer & Bo Ramsey
Ramsey Food Service

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