Carroll County Fair 2022

The warm weather for the 2022 fair season continued at the Carroll County Fair but that didn’t faze the Lisko Amusements crew getting ready for morning ride inspection. Unit manager Louis LeBron reported Ohio ride inspectors were on site the day before and all 13 rides passed reinspection. Lisko Amusements received their H2-B workers last week, so all units are fully staffed for the rest of the season.

Sharon Christner had game joints set-up and her husband John was cheerfully working the balloon game. Sharon has been a GOSA member for 50 years and is happy to be out this season regardless of inflation worries. Regarding inflation, John reported it didn’t make sense to set-up the machine gun game due to the cost of the BB’s. What used to be $9 a bag, was $90 a bag last year, is now $175 a bag. On top of that the product is inferior and jams the guns.

While at the fair a quick call was placed to Geary Bates who held the midway contract for nearly 3 decades. Geary reported the Carroll County Fair was the first fair in Ohio, and maybe the country, to have POP pricing for rides. It was successful and paved the way for POP pricing at fairs across Ohio and beyond.

Eric German
GOSA Director of Communications

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