GOSA Visits Medina County Fair

Bates Brothers Amusement Company provided rides, games, and food at Medina County Fair under a full week of sunny skies. Michele Bates Dallman, with assistance from daughter Emerson, and Gloria Faint were keeping a busy office running smoothly. On the midway Harry Faint and David Sutton were busy managing the units’ food and games respectively.
A first for this season! Jasmine Otterbacher reported being fully staffed at her five concession units so far this year. The schedule was, unfortunately, less hectic with the absence of the State Fair.
Kurt Otterbacher was spotted with Alisa Harbaugh, his soon to be daughter-in-law at the water game. His businesses slogan “The Festival Nevers Ends” certainly seems apropos this season with everyone working days so long that one day bleeds into the next.
Howard Call, OFMA Executive Director, was spotted in his role providing electric services for the Fair. He stopped long enough to discuss Tyler’s Law and provide the good news that Summit County Fair had a great run.
Karen Connell has worked Medina for many years and commented that it gets better each and every year. Karen voiced concerns about supply of product, especially Pepsi. She was grateful that Atlantic Foods has kept up with demand by delivering multiple times each week. Thank you, Jason!
Brandy Daniels, GOSA secretary and treasurer, was at the Fair with her husband Gary to collect membership dues payments from members. The dues deadline was extended to July 15 this season. If you haven’t paid your dues yet pay a board member or sent payment to Brandy.
Many other GOSA members were spotted including Billy Bush, Susie Bush, Donald Otterbacher, Barry Hassinger, Allison Spooner, David Drake, Lori Freiling and Jeff Otterbacher.

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