Rupert Otterbacher Scholarship

Rupert Otterbacher was a founding member of the Ohio Concessionaire’s Association which developed into the current GOSA.  As a young man Rupert was interested in agriculture and what became our current 4-H programs.  He supported higher education, as well.  Several of his children attended college and earned degrees in the 1950s.  Rupert began in the outdoor amusement business in 1927.  The FIFTH GENERATION of his family can be found on the midway today. 

At the time of his death in 1975, his children Melvin, Gaylord, Curt, and Jerry Otterbacher and Lois Gallapoo and Carol Morlock established the Rupert Otterbacher scholarship fund.  This fund has benefited dozens of students from the showmen’s industry in their educational pursuits.