Membership Types

Actively involved in the outdoor amusement business as a ride operator, concessionaire, games owner, straight sales operator, performer, or other industry professional providing service or entertainment directly to fairs and festivals.

Married spouse of regular member. (Does not include yearbook, newsletter, or memorial fund.) Spouses may join as a regular member, at that rate, and receive all benefits of that membership level.

Businesses who provide products or services to the industry or fairs, festivals, or special events and organizations or individuals interested in the industry. (Does not include voting or memorial fund.)
Married spouses of associate members may also join.  (Does not include yearbook, newsletter,  voting, or memorial fund).

No longer in the outdoor amusement business.  (May participate in the memorial fund if they were a regular member before their 51st birthday, and maintained continuous membership into retirement.)

Employee of GOSA member. (Does not include voting, memorial fund, yearbook, or newsletter.)

Joint Membership with OFMA
Regular GOSA membership and Ohio Fair Managers Association membership.  The GOSA office will forward your OFMA dues for you!

We encourage you to join the only organization in the State of Ohio that is working for YOU, supporting all facets of the outdoor amusement industry!

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