AT&T Commercial Not “OK”

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association has formally responded on behalf of our industry to the recent commercial AT&T released.

In part:
“Shocked, angered and saddened are the first reactions to a new AT&T advertisement that has been running on broadcast television and on social media. The ad promotes the worst stereotypes of an industry that provides safe family entertainment throughout the United States and around the world, and clearly conflicts with AT&T’s stated claim that its corporate values promote: “Doing the right thing.”

“The staged scene purports to show a carnival amusement ride, and suggests that our industry employs careless workers, operates decrepit rides, is unconcerned about ride safety and simply leaves town if someone is injured,”

To read the full statement, click HERE.

YouTube link to video advertisement:

We encourage our friends and members to contact AT&T and voice your concerns about the misrepresentation of our industry shown in this advertisement.  As of publication, comments were still accepted on the video.  AT&T can be reached via the following:


Twitter @ATT



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